things change in relationships as they progress.. your comfort levels increase and you become extremely dependent on one another. your bond grows stronger as you conquer every obstacle along your path. both of you are growing up more and more everyday but the recipe to a long lasting, good relationship, is to always remember that communication is key and to make sure that you don’t just grow as individuals but as a couple. 

every girl has their own idea of prince charming or the ‘perfect guy’. you see.. i already have my prince.. he’s not too tall but boy, is he muscular. he has light hair and light eyes… I’m not so much into the dark and mysterious type.. but hey, thats just me. He’s never rode in on a white horse and he doesn’t wear elegant fluffy clothes like in the movies.. but he rolls around on a tractor and gets his hands dirty. he wears cutoffs and sunscreen. He doesn’t send me flowers randomly or send out a blimp that reads ” I love you tiffany”.. He just tells me that he loves me to my face so i can hear it and feel it and say it back. He doesn’t choose me because I’m “the fairest of them all”, he chooses me because of who i am inside.. because we have a mental and emotional connection. He’s not perfect. But how boring would it be if he was? Im not perfect either by any means but we are perfect for each other and this is our fairytale. 

Don’t be scared to fall in love again after being burned to the ground by someone you loved and who you thought loved you back.. God put that asshole in your life for a damn good reason.. to bring you to someone better.. someone who truly does love you and wants you. every bit of you.. so give it to them.. let them love you. let them want you.. most of all let yourself love them because they deserve a good love just as much as you do. 

love…. love can mean multiple different things.. depending on who you ask. If you asked me, i would say love is something very complicated yet comes to one very easily and quickly. Love is more than just a word. Its a feeling. Its and action and a doing. Its living and everlasting. It makes one do things they never imagined themselves doing. Love is patient.. not only patient in the sense of waiting but in the sense of embracing one’s flaws and letting them be who they are despite their random outbursts of anger or sadness or being over dramatic… Love is about thinking of one’s feelings before your own or wanting to be involved in the things they like just to see what they are interested in and why.. Its about wanting to know about their childhood tree forts or their 4th grade best friend. its about wanting to know how they grew up, what made them who they are.. why they are the way they are. You admire everything about them. you memorize every mole on their back or the cute little shit grin they give you when they are up to something. You don’t need to go the extra mile to pick up a mcflurry for them but you do it anyways because you know it would make them smile.. and you just want to see them for a minute because a minute with them is better than two without.. Love is something people run from but when it catches them, they don’t ever want to let it go. It is the best and scariest thing one will ever encounter, but its worth the fear.

We all have that one person who we let change us completely. At first they change you for the good.. you’re always happy and full of life but eventually, without even noticing, they slowly isolate you from the world, gain control of you.. they decide who you can be friends with, they decide what your idea of fun is, they decide how you get to spend your friday night of senior year and they decide how you feel. They convince you that everything they are doing, all the hurt they are causing you is what you deserve. You give everything you have because if you don’t, they’ll leave you.. you need them more than they need you.. so you just keep giving and getting nothing back because they don’t need to return the favor because they are in control. they own you. then one day.. they leave you and so now you sit. you sit there in your own guilt and sadness.. and you hang on to every word and hand gesture because you are so in love.. you don’t care if they drag your heart through the dirt because remember… they own you. You’ve lost your pride, you don’t have any self confidence or independence.. you gave it all up for them. you never go back to who you were before.. you’re scared to love anyone else because you know how sour the path of love can be. you learn to trust no one besides yourself and you let people walk all over you because you have no strength to stand up for yourself….. they’ve changed you, and now you have to rebuild yourself but you will never be what you once were.